REVEALED: How Elite Athletes Optimize Their Bodies to Build Athletic Strength and Muscle, Add Explosive Power, Create Steady Shots of Energy, and Perform Their Best


REVEALED: How Elite Athletes Optimize Their Bodies to Build Athletic Strength and Muscle, Add Explosive Power, Create Steady Shots of Energy, and Perform Their Best

Want to know one of the main contributors to athletic success?

It doesn’t lie in a certain training method…

Or genetic gifts…

Or even having a world class coach.

If you want to know the truth about achieving unprecedented athletic success… Or at least having sky high energy levels that will allow you to crush your workouts, impress in practice, and EXCEL in game... 

Keep reading… 

Just know,

You Won’t Like the Answer…

It’s a little bit boring…

It’s a little bit tedious…

But, if you take action on what I’m about to share with you, it could:
  • Prime your body for athleticism
  • Accelerate muscle gain
  • Make you clear minded and calm on the field
  • ​SURGE your energy levels
  • ​Turn you into a more explosive athlete
  • ​Lower your chances of injury
And a whole lot more…

Still with me?

Great. Let’s jump into:

How to Optimize Your Body For Athleticism

Shortly before the 2019 NFL Seasons a crazy event SHOCKED the NFL World.

It was Pro Bowl Quarterback Andrew Luck’s retirement announcement.

He was 29 at the time.

For a while, Luck was seen as the future star quarterback of the NFL… And for a while it looked like he was going to live up to the hype...

...Until the injuries hit.

He fell into a vicious cycle.

He started with a shoulder injury, then a torn abdominal muscle, then shoulder surgery, then a strained calf....

Through all of these injuries he confronted immense pressure from fans and teammates to heal quickly,

He had to deal with the emotional stress of rehab and sitting out of the game he loves,

Then he’d get injured all over again.

Eventually, he crumbled under the weight of this pressure and decided to call it a day.

He was gone from the sport he loved at age 29.

What’s Happening to Our Superstar Athletes?

On one hand, you have young superstars retiring early…

Some even retire during their primes

But you also have guys like Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, and LeBron James who are ALL 35 and older, but seem to still be in their prime. Some of them are even getting BETTER every year.

So what’s the deal?

In my opinion,

The Difference Is in Optimization Errors

Before I share what optimization errors are…

I want to share HOW they occur…


Each day you are competing, practicing, training…

On top of that, you’re dealing with other stressors: work, school, relationships, and dealing with other emotional burdens of the day to day.

All of this exposes your body to HIGH amounts of stress, which is fine.

But High Amounts of Stress Can Obliterate your Performance

  • When you lift weights,
  • Compete in a game,
  • Get cut off in traffic,
  • ​Have a fight with your girlfriend,
  • ​Or encounter any other stressful situation,
Your body deals with this stress the same.

One of the body’s stress responses is to go into an alarm state and release a stress hormone known as cortisol.

Most people think of cortisol as an evil chemical that damages the body…
But actually, the release of cortisol is a good thing. 
It stimulates the healing process in the body.


When Cortisol Goes Unaccounted for 
It Can Wreak Havoc on The Body

Optimization errors are what’s responsible for inhibiting recovery,

And allowing stress to linger.

When you’re making these optimization errors, you allow cortisol to build and build and build…

And a series of undesirable side effects can occur, like:
  • Testosterone levels dip, causing muscle and strength gains to screech to a halt
  • You walk around in a foggy haze, tired, irritable, and unmotivated
  • Fat accumulates around your belly, waist, thighs, which makes you look unathletic and sloppy
  • ​You get sick more often, which causes you to miss games, practices, and training
  • ​There is constant soreness and aching in the body, and it seems like no amount of “rest” can fix it
  • ​Injuries occur
And this is just a small sample of the disasters that can occur when you make optimization errors that inhibit your recovery.

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Committing Optimization Errors

With new technologies,

Artificially-manipulated foods,

And of course, the false training advice from “experts online”...

It seems harder than ever to avoid optimization errors…

New technologies have inhibited our recovery in ways we could have never seen coming…

Artificially manipulated foods that swamp the shelves of grocery stores impact our bodies in ways we don’t even fully understand yet…
And false-experts online share advice that place MORE stress on our bodies through faulty programming, exercises that facilitate muscle imbalances, and training schedules that inhibit recovery.


There Are Simple “Hacks” To Avoid Optimization Errors

Hacks that will accelerate your recovery…

Speed up muscle gain…

And optimize your performance…

WITHOUT the need for:
  • Antibiotics
  • Spending Wads of Cash at the Physical Therapist
  • Using Other Artificial “Cures”
The optimization tips I’m going to share with you are ALL NATURAL, most of them are COMPLETELY FREE, and require NO medical help…

But A Quick Warning

Every single one of the optimization tips I’m going to share with you require one thing…


The discipline to put them into action…

See, over the years I’ve realized that the road to athletic success is simple… Simple, but not easy…

It just takes consistent, focused effort.
And it can become monotonous for some athletes, so they don’t put in that consistent, focused effort.

That said, if you’re not willing to put in a consistent effort with these optimization tips…

Stop reading right now…

But, if you’re ready to use these optimization tips to compliment your strong work ethic, focus, and athletic hunger… Keep reading…

7 Guides that Take the Controller and Put it Back In Your Hands

I’ve taken 7 Areas of an Athlete’s lifestyle and created guides that optimize each area.

In creating these guides, I set out to create the Athletic Lifestyle Guidebook I was missing when I was an upcoming athlete. The tips inside would’ve given me a MASSIVE edge and advantage over my competition.

They can do the same for you...

More than that, 

Each of the 7 guides below will show you how you’ve been subject to optimization errors, how you can use easy processes to reverse the effects of these errors, and the science behind these processes so you can easily optimize your performance.

I call this collection of guides:

Athletic Performance Optimization


Here’s a small sample of what’s inside of each guide:

Component 1:

Sleep Optimization
Inside this blueprint, you’ll find the best ways to drift off into a higher quality, deeper sleep. Getting high quality sleep will also:
  • Create soaring energy levels
  • Provide more testosterone and growth hormone to your body
  • Supports your recovery from the wear and tear of your workouts
  • ​Repair your hormone release
  • ​De-fog your brain

Component 2:

Active Recovery
Many athletes choose to lounge around on their off days. This causes their muscles to get stiff and rigid, and even more, in some cases is not optimal for recovery.

Inside of this Blueprint, you’ll discover the best active recovery techniques for restoring your body. These techniques are research based and scientifically backed, and can:
  • Increase ROM in your joints
  • Run faster, jump higher
  • Improve Muscle Activation
  • ​Raise your work capacity
  • ​Destroy muscle imbalances

Component 3:

Nutrition and Hydration Optimization
The number one way to enhance performance and accelerate recovery is by managing the fuel you put in your body.

Even more, getting the proper fuel will help you build muscle and strength.

But, there are certain parameters you need to follow in order to maximize recovery and performance. Inside this guide, you’ll discover these parameters, as well as other tips for nutrition that can lead to:
  • Enhanced Performance
  • More muscle mass
  • Increased strength
  • ​Faster recovery from intense physical activity
  • Stabilized Energy Levels

Component 4:

High level athletes spend millions each year on regeneration methods, and while you probably don’t have millions to blow on regeneration, there are methods readily available to you for cheap. 

Sometimes for nothing.

Thing is, far too many athletes don’t know the methods to heal the body from pains and injuries that occur from training and sports. In this guide, you’ll discover readily available regeneration methods that can:
  • Accelerate muscle recovery
  • Remove pain-inducing inflammation
  • Speed up the injury healing process
  • Reduce swelling
  • Drive more nutrients towards muscles that need it most

Component 5:

Supplement Optimization
Supplements, when used sparingly, are powerful tools to optimize your performance.

Inside this guide, I’ll share the supplements I believe are the most powerful and beneficial for your body.
  • Compensate for holes in your nutrition
  • Improve recovery
  • Boost your athletic gains
  • Build stronger joints and tendons
  • Heighten your Brain Function

Component 6:

Biomechanic Optimization
Our couch-culture, repeated movement patterns in sport, and other factors have demolished our structural integrity. Our tight hips create pain and drain our athleticism. Our slouched shoulders are an injury waiting to happen. 

In this guide, I’m going to show you what you can do about these ailments, and help you rebuild your structure brick by brick:
  • Elongate tight, dysfunctional muscles
  • Improve performance by unleashing hidden muscle potential
  • Restore range of motion to become more powerful and nimble
  • Eliminate pain, muscular discomfort, and imbalance
  • Develop superior movement patterns and efficiency

Component 7:

Work Capacity Optimization 
An overlooked aspect of Performance Optimization is conditioning.

Put simply, conditioning improves your capacity to do work, so you can maintain your performance late in competitions, or towards the end of your workouts.

Inside this guide, you’ll find fun and effective conditioning methods that can:
  • Raise you work capacity, which will improve your ability to recover
  • Melt extra fat off your body
  • Improve blood flow to the muscles to provide them with nutrients
  • Flush out acid build-up in muscles
  • Bolster your cardio
And there’s a whole lot more inside…

The Optimal 30-Day Guarantee

Athletic Performance Optimization presents you with powerful practices to help you recover from your workouts, boost your performance, and possibly increase your strength and power.

The optimization tips inside can also work to AMPLIFY the effectiveness of ANY training program you’re following…

And I’m 100% confident in this.

So confident that if you don’t feel more energized after using the guides inside of Athletic Performance Optimization, I’ll provide you with a full refund with a smile on my face.

And I can do this because I’ve seen what happens when athletes eliminate optimization errors.

The athlete seems to have woken up from a daze. His focus becomes razor sharp. There’s an energized HUNGER in his eyes. He’s seeing faster progress in the gym. He adds muscle faster, packs plates on the bar. Things like training, watching film, stretching, mobilizing, and taking care of the other athletic business becomes effortless

JUST by avoiding optimization errors…

Take Athletic Performance Optimization For A Ride Today


Elite Athletes Already Know the Power of Optimization

Top Athletes like LeBron James, Conor McGregor, Tom Brady, Mike Trout, and Cristiano Ronaldo sometimes spend MILLIONS a YEAR to optimize their performance.

They hire nutritionists,

Install hyperbaric oxygen chambers in their homes,

Sit in saunas,

Get daily massages,

And more.

Obviously, this costs thousands, sometimes millions of dollars…

But, with Athletic Performance Optimization, I’ve taken these practices and scaled them down so that the average high school, college, or pro athlete can use practices that are JUST AS EFFECTIVE at an affordable price, or in most cases, absolutely free.


Just take a second and imagine how your body will feel once you put the tips inside of Athletic Performance Optimization into action...

You’ll jump out of bed, surging with energy…

You’ll have more mobility allowing you to summon more power from your muscles,

You’ll walk around with strong, confident posture in a lean, powerful body…

...With enough fuel to attack every bout of training or competition with the HIGHEST intensity.

And This is Just a Small Sample of What Can Happen When You Optimize Your Body with Athletic Performance Optimization

Again, this is for serious athletes only.

Athletes who miss workouts because they’re “tired”,

Or athletes who text during their lifts,

Or athletes who drag ass in practice,

This Isn’t for You


If you’ve already got a strong work ethic,

You have the focus to put supportive practices into action,

You follow through on your word

And you want to hop on the fast track to athletic success

Click the button below to join the mass of athletes who are edging out their competition with Athletic Performance Optimization


**This manual is compiled into one 88 page ebook to help you manage your recovery and accelerate your results**
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